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Abe sent three unusual signals to the Chinese people for the first time.

Release Time:2019-02-11



This is the first time in Abe's life.

For the first time in Japanese Prime Minister's history, he greeted Chinese New Year through video.

The first sentence he spoke was Chinese, five words: Happy New Year, everybody!

From the pronunciation point of view, Abe should have practiced for a while.

Maybe Chinese is really difficult to learn. Next, he introduced it in Japanese: I am Shinzo Abe.

Please note: Abe did not introduce his identity, but he was also the most powerful person in Japan (Emperor is empty, no real power).

Next comes Abe's description and blessing of Sino-Japanese relations:

2018 is an important year in the history of Japan-China relations. When the Chinese Prime Minister visited Japan, he himself visited China for the first time in seven years as Prime Minister of Japan, Japan-China relations returned to normal completely. Last year, Japan welcomed 8.3 million Chinese tourists, refreshing the previous record... Direct contacts between nationals play a vital role in deepening mutual understanding and mutual trust. 2019 is the "Year of Promoting Youth Exchange between Japan and China", and we are willing to devote more efforts to promoting youth-oriented national exchanges...

In addition to the initial Chinese, Abe uses at least three Chinese proverbs:

First sentence: "See each other better than hear all the news." I hope the two countries will strengthen exchanges between their nationals.

In the second sentence, I hope that Japan-China relations will go a step further.

The third sentence, I hope that Chinese friends "sesame Blossom Festival high".

The whole video is not long, only more than two minutes, which is really good.


Few of the world's leaders should be as low-profile as Abe.

After Trump was elected president in the latest U.S. election, Abe flew to New York immediately, without saying a word, to the jewelled Trump Tower, without any diplomatic courtesy, just to meet Trump in a hurry.

I remember many media mockery at that time, in order to become the first foreign leader to meet with the new president of the United States, Abe surrendered himself and was willing to "see".


To this point, Abe later specifically explained that he only followed the "gentleman leopard change" in doing so.

His original words are: "not for the sake of self-preservation, but for the sake of the country and the people, we can abandon face, which is the attitude we should have as leaders."

Speaking of it, "Gentleman Leopard Change" comes from our ancient book "Book of Changes". The original words are: adult tiger change, villain change, gentleman leopard change.

It roughly means that during the period of great change, gentlemen will follow the reform like leopards, and villains (in ancient times, mostly referring to the common people) should also adapt to the reform and make changes.



People have the face and bark, which leader does not want to travel, especially this also involves their ability to govern and prestige. But compared with national interests, dignity may be second.

And late.

In fact, most of the meetings with Putin were late. The longest one last year, Abe waited for more than two hours, but he never heard Abe's complaints.

Is it Abe's turn to be late?

One year during the UN General Assembly in New York, when it was time to meet Putin, he was late. Abe trotted to Putin. This picture also became a joke for some Chinese friends. Some people even compared him to his "Akita Dog".

In the eyes of the public, jogging is indeed a bit funny, which is against the identity of the Prime Minister of Japan. But that's Abe.

We can laugh at Abe's impatience and thick-skinned, but his behavior of putting national interests first and even ignoring face is not more alarming?



Now Abe has recorded videos in person to pay special attention to Chinese New Year's greetings.

The extraordinary act sends at least three extraordinary signals:

Signal 1, Sino-Japanese relations have indeed entered a new stage.

Abe also said in the video that last year, when Chinese Prime Minister visited Japan, he visited China for the first time in seven years as Japanese Prime Minister. Japan-China relations have completely returned to the right track. Considering that Japan is also the host of the G20 Summit in 2019, China's top leaders will visit Japan and finally turn a new page in the once stormy Sino-Japanese relations.

There will still be grievances and resentments, and the historical trauma will be painful. But politicians need to be calm and restrained to push bilateral relations in the most promising direction.

Abe's video greetings to the Chinese people should also be aimed at taking advantage of the hot iron to further deepen Japan-China relations and seek to maximize Japan's national interests. Therefore, he mentioned that "seeing is better than hearing" and hoped that Chinese and Japanese nationals would visit each other more.

Sino-Japanese relations are entering a new stage, and possibly even a new honeymoon.

Signal 2, Abe's figure is really impressive.

The first sentence of opening is in Chinese, drawing closer relations. Can you imagine Putin or other Leaders'first sentence is Japanese, and then what?

Moreover, as mentioned above, Putin was late, and Abe was calm enough to keep talking and laughing; Abe was late and ran away at once, even disregarding his image. You can laugh at Abe's small family spirit, but these small details, in fact, let people see the other side of Abe's fierce: punctuality, tolerance, really can not be underestimated.

On the one hand, it is the national interest, on the other hand, it is your face. Which one do you choose? Abe's choice is undoubtedly the national interest. Even if it does harm to one's own face, even to outsiders, it is somewhat humiliating. But the change of gentleman and leopard really makes people admire it. This is the real politician.

Moreover, the short New Year's greeting video, which uses at least three Chinese proverbs, is very appropriate, and also shows Abe's familiarity with Chinese culture, despite his poor Chinese accent.

Signal 3: East Asian geopolitics is undergoing significant and far-reaching changes.

This transformation has been less than a year now and is proceeding rapidly.

Last year, the situation on the peninsula changed rapidly at the first Turkey meeting, and the northern part of the peninsula began to get out of isolation. The second Turkey meeting will be held in Vietnam, and profound adjustments are continuing. In addition, the relationship between Japan and Russia is approaching, and the solution of the four northern islands problem has reached a critical moment. However, the relationship between Japan and South Korea is deteriorating rapidly, and the relationship between Japan and the United States is becoming very delicate.

Japan's rapid improvement of its relations with China, especially its repeated pledges to strengthen cooperation in multilateralism and free trade, is clearly related to the ongoing trade war waged by the United States. China is under pressure and Japan is also in a headache. You know, trade is the lifeline of Japan's economy. Abe must break through the siege and look for chips.

China is obviously a chip. Even some foreign media have analyzed it. Without Trump, it is estimated that Abe would not have come to China so soon last year.

This is a big chess game. All the players are superior.

Of course, this is also the general trend. To some extent, thanks to Trump. Never seen, the rise of China, first of all, the integration of the Chinese cultural circle. As a big country in this cultural circle, China and Japan should become friends, and preferably also friends. This is a difficult task, but a superb foreign diplomacy is to turn a strong enemy into a friend! __________ To achieve this, China's overall national interest in Japan will surpass 100 Nobel Peace Prizes.

Abe, an immortal politician in Japanese politics, can not be underestimated; but the general situation can not be stopped. Friends come with good wine, jackals come with shotguns.

Or the old saying: there is no eternal enemy, no eternal friend, only eternal national interests!

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