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A Short Message Bearing Responsibility

Release Time:2018-12-10

A Short Message Bearing Responsibility

"Mom and Dad, you give me five years, and I'll give you a good living environment." This is our protagonist today, Mr. Xiao Shao. When he works outside, when his parents urge him to return home, he sends a text message to his parents. We guess he should be a filial child. But wrong, at first, he was a very wayward naughty child. His parents almost lost confidence in his rebellion and wayward. At the beginning, they only hoped that he would marry and have children as soon as possible. Perhaps in this way, they could restrain him and make him change. However, it can't be replaced by Xiao Shao's prodigal son. He resolutely picked up his cell phone and sent the text message to his father. It's a short message of more than twenty words, but his son's commitment to his parents, more like a seed planted in Xiao Shao's heart!

Research and watering seeds

Listening to friends say that there are a lot of labor services in China, especially in Japan. When he comes back from Japan, he can earn three times more money than at home. This news makes Xiao Shao bright in his heart. He can also make money abroad himself. So he immediately found Huaxia International to sign up for study in Japan. He successfully arrived at a food factory in Japan in September 2010 and began his three-year study life. At that time, Xiao Shao wanted to earn some money to come back and add some income to his family. Work in the factory is easy, no pressure, good mood! At the same time, he is praised by his boss, who treats him like his children, often giving gifts and helping solve life problems. After work, Xiao Shao always likes to go shopping in supermarkets and department stores. Her service attitude in Japan attracts her deeply. At the same time, because of the language differences, he is very troubled! At first, when I went shopping, I was afraid that I could not get what I wanted smoothly, but the salesman's attentive service eliminated his worries. Every time, the salesman tried to communicate in a simple and understandable way. Sometimes, he would use body language to make him understand. Finally, he would always be happy to shop! The life culture of China and Japan also made him feel the joy of foreign life! The study life in Japan has changed his rebellious character and concept of life. Everyday life is decided by his own arrangement. Gradually, he has grown up and matured. Now he is mature, steady and so capable.

The choices you made three years ago determine your life in three years.

"Choosing goals is the most important thing. Goals are like beacons in the sea. Then with unremitting efforts, they will gradually succeed," Xiao Shao said confidently. While making money from Japan, because of the change of his ideas and concepts, he finally did not satisfy the present situation and had a bigger idea. He personally experienced the service concept of the service industry in Japan, and he wanted to apply the knowledge and experience learned from Japan to himself, so he decided to start his own business.

After returning to China in September 2013, I didn't rest at home for long. While adjusting myself, I began to do market research to find suitable business opportunities for myself. After less than a year, he found his own business project - "Miyue sushi". Because food is closely related to people's lives, but also repeated consumption, so he chose the food industry! After more than two months of shop selection and decoration promotion, Miyue Sushi officially opened in December 2013. Although the initial customer resources are not very many, but after a lot of efforts and old customer publicity, a continuous stream of customers, prove his choice! Later, the turnover of the store was nearly 1,000 yuan a day, two people were too busy to come, and two workers were invited to do it with him. The workers often said, "Boss Shao is not like the boss at all. He works and rests with us every day, totally breaking the old boss's appearance, so we never regard ourselves as a part-time worker as if we were doing it for ourselves." Xiao Shao not only uses the technology and service he learns from Japan, but also adopts the Japanese management method. The workers are all six-hour working system. Two batches of workers work in shifts and abide by the labor law. Although he is tired of getting up early and returning late every day, it is the sweetness that he tastes and realizes his promise to his parents.

Enlarging the Future

Xiao Shao said, "Every step should be taken steadily in the future. I promised my parents five years to give them a good life. Now it has come true, but I still have to work hard to get them to live in the city and enjoy their old age." It is the choice of three years ago that has changed the life of three years later; the idea has changed, and the life has also changed!

A friend asked Xiao Shao, "Is it different not to go to Japan and start your own business directly?" He smiled and answered, "Three years'change in Japan has made me more confident and courageous to start a business. There is a passion for life that constantly inspires me!" Everything in Japan is decided by oneself. It is no longer impulsive and capricious as it was at the beginning. There is a way of thinking in doing things! ________ He also said that he did not miss Japan very much when he was busy starting his own business when he returned home. Now he is more and more nostalgic for his life in Japan, and has so many wonderful memories! ______

Now he not only started his own business to become rich, but also often introduced others to change his life by going abroad. Although not everyone can be so successful, there is a good saying: gold always shines. No matter where you work in the future, there will be places where you can realize your value.


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