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New ideas Business Incubation Platform

Release Time:2019-01-30

Singapore New Idea Business Incubation Platform

n order to help members return home to start businesses, stimulate members'innovation, business awareness and ability, and cultivate future entrepreneurs.

Shandong Huaxia International Co., Ltd. joins hands with Singapore Government Temasek New Idea Incubation Platform to help every innovative member to provide incubation, financing, international market cultivation and expansion services for their new ideas.


The first stage is to cultivate members'language and technology learning ability and insight into new things.

The second stage: to guide members to digest and absorb the first technologies and concepts learned abroad and form new inventions.

Phase 3: Assist in project evaluation and revision of new packaging inventions to Singapore New Idea Incubation Platform.

Fourth stage: Partner selection and project fund application formally entering incubation stage.

Our company (Shandong Huaxia International Economic and Technological Cooperation Co., Ltd.) will join hands with Singapore's new idea Incubation Platform and introduce the incubation platform for the first time in China.

We will also strive to find more business partners to help our country's scientific and technological innovation and enterprise innovation and other undertakings.

If you have a new idea that you want to achieve, show it bravely. Maybe you are the first entrepreneur partner that the platform has fostered in China.

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