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The Ministry of Commerce has issued the target of dispatching foreign labor services!

Release Time:2018-12-07

The Ministry of Commerce has issued the target of dispatching foreign labor services in the next three years: dispatching nearly 2 million foreign workers with an income of 100 billion yuan

"In recent years, China has sent about 500,000 foreign workers every year. Overseas workers get employment through overseas services, and their income exceeds 30 billion yuan (RMB). Over the years, the total number of overseas workers has remained around 1 million. Zhou Liujun, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, answered questions from reporters of China Business News on business poverty alleviation at the media briefing of the 2017 National Conference on Business Work.

Zhou Liujun said that in the field of poverty alleviation through external labor services, over 8.5 million migrant workers of various types have been sent out in recent years, many of them from poor areas or even poor families. The next step is to gradually expand the scale of migrant workers in poor areas and enhance their services in poor areas on the basis of exporting 500,000 people a year and earning 30 billion yuan. The proportion of personnel, training poor villages to get rid of poverty and become rich leaders.

Zhou Liujun revealed that from 2017 to 2020, we will send 1.8 million to 2 million migrant workers abroad to achieve the goal of income of 100 billion yuan. He also stressed that among the total, we should optimize the structure and increase the contribution rate of poverty alleviation. Every year, the proportion of state workers sent abroad should be no less than 10% from poor counties at the national and provincial levels, and no less than 50% from poor counties in the central and Western regions, and increase year by year. In the past four years, 200,000 people have been sent from poor counties to achieve income of more than 10 billion yuan.

As for how to achieve this goal, Zhou Liujun said he would make efforts from four aspects. First, find out the family background and improve the statistical survey. The selected personnel should know where they can send and where they need, and the willingness and ability of poor areas and poor families to cooperate in foreign labor services. Statistics should be made to increase the proportion. Second, to carry out docking work well. Most of them are contracted projects through our going out. Some leading enterprises will take them out. We will organize the docking of employment needs and dispatch needs of these enterprises and make good exchanges. Thirdly, we should strengthen the construction of the platform, play the role of the existing foreign labor service platform, and provide service guarantees for migrant workers abroad, such as registration, training, and later rights protection, so as to improve the pertinence and effectiveness. Fourth, we should increase publicity and guidance.

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