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These "free" traps can cost you a lot when you go abroad

Release Time:2018-12-07

China Overseas Chinese Network June 12 Title: alarm! When you go abroad, these "free" traps will make you suffer huge losses, even take your life!

For many Chinese families, traveling abroad is now a common occurrence. Every now and then, young people come on a "go and say" trip; even if older friends don't act immediately, they probably have a plan in mind. When the time is ripe, they go out to enjoy it and give themselves a good treat.

Don't take it for granted that you and your family are not greedy and cheap. Those deceptions under the guise of "free" can't deceive you if you want to. You know, these traps are well packaged and difficult for most tourists to distinguish. Moreover, if you really meet, you are isolated and helpless overseas. Even if you react, you are already in the tiger's mouth. Thank God for not meeting you. But if you don't pay attention and fall into these "free" traps, you will lose money at a low level and lose your life at a high level, and you will lose a lot of money when you eat.

Clean up the risk for your family! Free medical check-up to detect cancer cheated 620,000 people

Ms. Wang, a native of Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, has been a loyal customer of a local beauty shop for many years. She spends tens of thousands of yuan here almost every year. Last October, the owner of the beauty shop told Ms. Wang that in order to give back to her big customers, the manufacturer specially arranged for her to travel to Malaysia once, at full cost, or for a high-standard reception. Ms. Wang listened with pleasure.

Subsequently, the journey started as scheduled, and Ms. Wang came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the delegation. During the tour, the tour group said that a local hospital was opening free medical examinations. If the tourists wanted, they could help to register and arrange to go when the trip was free.

Ms. Wang listened and felt that the local social welfare and the local medical environment had a different experience, so she expressed her wish to the tour group. Who knows, this investigation can find out major events.

After consultation with the "expert professor" in the hospital, Ms. Wang has a 90% chance of developing cancer. As the illness could not be delayed, Ms. Wang called her family to discuss urgently and agreed to the cancer prevention plan provided by the hospital. She spent 625,000 yuan and received an anti-cancer injection. "The first two months, the unit just organized a physical examination, no abnormalities were found." When Ms. Wang returned home, the more she thought about it, the more wrong she was, so she took the report and consulted with domestic experts. After seeing the doctor, he said that all the indicators were normal and there were no cancer symptoms.

The investigation by public security officers shows that the case is an extraordinarily large fraud case, which is carefully organized and planned to target women under the guise of overseas medical treatment. Public security officials said that in the process of operation, beauty shop owners should screen customers who have good economic conditions, pay attention to physical maintenance, have low educational level and do not know English, and use free travel as a cover to lure victims abroad. "If the annual consumption is not more than 20,000 yuan, the profession of public prosecution law, lawyers and medical personnel will not start."

When the victim's physical examination report comes out, the group will arrange a consultation by impersonating a foreign "expert professor", changing the medical examination report of a regular hospital into a forged medical examination report, falsely claiming that the victim may suffer from cancer and other diseases. At the same time, the accompanying staff cooperate to make the victim have crisis awareness of his own physical condition and accept the treatment plan of hundreds of thousands or even millions of Yuan offered by the fake professor. Say that the injection is anti-cancer drugs, in fact, is nutrients or vitamins.

According to statistics, the case involved 26 provinces, 120 agents and 762 beauty parlors. From January 2016 to October 2017 alone, there were 1731 women victims, involving a total amount of 650 million yuan.

Tax-free shops are trapped with "gifts"In 2017, Mr. Lee traveled to Thailand alone. Towards the end of his journey, he came to the duty-free shop at Bangkok International Airport to buy goods. The salesgirl looked very kind. After she settled the bill, she smiled and handed Mr. Li a pack of cigarettes. Mr. Li thought it was a gift. He thought the store was very nice and polite. With that in mind, he nodded and smiled at the salesman, put the cigarettes into the shopping bag and prepared to leave. As a result, the alarm bell went off as soon as Mr. Li walked out of the store. A moment ago, she immediately picked up the phone and called the police. Several police officers rushed to arrest him.

In the process of detention, Thai police officers charged him 500 baht "air conditioning fee". Friends came to help him when they heard the news. They also charged a "visit fee" of 300 baht. Finally, after paying 11,000 baht, Mr. Li was released, and the police officers involved partitioned the money in front of him.

Coincidentally, some people at Dubai International Airport have experienced similar events. When Mr. Gao bought something in a duty-free shop, he was approached by an unknown girl without notice. He put a bottle of perfume in his shopping bag. Mr. Gao was suspected of theft and harassed for a whole day at the airport prison. After repeated negotiations, Mr. Gao handed over all his cash as a "fine" before returning his freedom.

Credulous "enthusiasts" free guide face extortion

In July 2017, a Hong Kong girl and her companion traveled to Myanmar. During the journey, two fresh-looking and kind-hearted Burmese lads came up and chatted up, calling themselves Burmese College students, because they wanted to practice spoken English with them and travel together. Four people had a good time talking and laughing. Two young men volunteered to act as tour guides and invited two girls to visit their town of Della.

After taking the ferry to Della, the two girls found that things were not going right: five Myanmars on motorcycles were waiting in the harbor, and they took them to Lifo with a tough attitude. During the visit, Myanmar men claimed that their father had passed away and asked the girls to pay 80,000 Kyats for donation. They also wanted to forcibly charge them 165,000 Kyats for the fare.

Hong Kong girls could not bear it, and Burmese men surrounded the two girls. When Hong Kong girls began to use mobile phone videos, Burmese men began to push and abuse her in English. Because of their weakness, the two girls had to pay expensive fares, but in the end their personal safety was not harmed.

After arresting the men, the police warned that idle people often roamed around the scenic spots and extorted tourists in the name of being free guides.

Whether Free Outbound Gambling Goes Back or Not

In recent years, many unexplained Chinese victims have been deceived into Myanmar in the name of "free travel", and then threatened and beaten. Only after their families remit money, can they "ransom" return to China.

Chen Qiang (a pseudonym) who was confronted with a fraud saw the news of "free gambling abroad" from the Internet: "The round-trip fare goes out of the casino, and the participants have a high rate of success in gambling in the casino, so they have a great chance to make money. They said that the best bet wins, losers can also stop at any time, anyway, the cost of travel is free, it is time to travel to Myanmar. Public security officials said that one of the common characteristics of the cases of cheated casinos abroad is that "air tickets and accommodation are free and someone is responsible for receiving and delivering".

Xiao Meng, 22, never thought she would be able to return to China alive. When she was taken off her blindfold and told by the people in front of her, "This is Ruili, China. I am a Chinese policeman", she did not believe it. After repeated questioning, he put down his guard and cried. Originally, Xiao Meng also trusted the other party's all-embracing information, and on January 19, arranged by criminals, came to Burma Casino from the northeast.

In the casino, Xiao Meng was taken to "single room" detention forcibly under the condition of winning money. All day long beating, not to eat and sleep, toothpicks pricking fingers, electric baton shocks, lighters burning nails, whipping, threatening her to ask for money to redeem her family.

On February 4, she was finally rescued by the police and brought back to Yunnan. In this operation, more than 430 Chinese citizens were rescued together with her. After being arrested by the police, the suspect Zhou Mouhua confessed that his main purpose was to look at people. "Make sure they don't run, don't contact the outside world, don't call the police. They would rather die here than run out."

As the old saying goes, greed for small gains makes great losses. But the above examples tell us that even if we don't greed for cheap, the "free" trap is still insurmountable. I hope that more compatriots will see these experiences and be safe and secure from harm overseas.

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