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Three men's knitting trap defrauds millions of dollars in service fees

Release Time:2018-12-07

Taiyuan Evening News:

More than 50 migrant workers from all over the country came to Taiyuan with the dream of working abroad and earning more money. They signed a labor contract with Shanxi Yinghe Century Human Resources Company and paid more than 20,000 yuan of service fees respectively. However, they were rejected in the end. They didn't realize that it was a trap. The so-called embassy staff were also deceived. Yesterday, Yingze police reported that all three suspects of contract fraud had been criminally detained.

Discover opportunities to make money

Lao Zhao, a bricklayer from Shaanxi Province, has been working outside all the year round and has acquired good craftsmanship. Earlier this year, he saw an advertisement on the Internet for the expatriate service of an intermediary company. He thought it was an opportunity to earn money because he had worked abroad. He added Li Mou, a salesman of the intermediary company, as a friend through Wechat.

The other side introduced that Shanxi Yinghe Century Human Resources Company specializes in overseas labor services for Australia, New Zealand and other countries. It has handled a batch of overseas workers and provided many positions, such as drivers, general workers, welders, nannies, waiters, etc. Besides, it has low threshold and high salary. Usually, its monthly salary is more than 30,000 yuan.

Lao Zhao moved his heart and immediately transferred 1,800 yuan of service fee to Li Mou-wei-xin, and drew a fellow countryman to register. After filling in the registration form and self-portraying a short video of Mao Sui's self-recommendation, Lao Zhao and his fellow countrymen quickly got a reply from Li Mou: the interview has passed, waiting to match the employer. A few days later, Li informed them that the Australian employer "James" had been confirmed and that they could come to the company to sign the contract.

Visas for working abroad were refused

Subsequently, Lao Zhao and his fellow countrymen came to Taiyuan from their hometown in Shaanxi Province, met Li Mou in the intermediary company and signed the "Outsourcing Labor Service Contract". The contract mentions that their respective monthly salaries are equivalent to about 35,000 yuan, and they work six days a week with extra overtime and paid vacation. Such a generous treatment, so that they are very satisfied, each immediately handed over to Li Mou 20,000 yuan service fee.

Subsequently, Li handed Lao Zhao a full four-page information about Australian customs and customs. He asked Lao Zhao and his fellow countrymen to recite the information so that he could return the call to the embassy staff for visa processing in the future. Li Mou clapped his chest and promised that if everything went well, he would send them abroad to work in two months.

Lao Zhao collected the information and went back to his hometown to wait for news. At the same time, he carefully read and recite the relevant materials. More than a month later, he received a call from a Beijing number, claiming to be a staff member of the Australian Embassy in China, and then began to ask questions. At the beginning, Lao Zhao was able to answer all the questions well prepared, but later the other party spoke faster and faster. Before he heard the questions clearly, Lao Zhao was told that the answer was wrong and hung up. A few days later, Li informed Lao Zhao that he and his fellow countrymen had been refused to sign. Lao Zhao thought it was his responsibility to go abroad and asked if he could refund part of the service fee. Li Mou said that the visa was refused due to personal reasons, according to the provisions of the contract can not be refunded.

Falling into a fraud trap

At the beginning of May this year, Lao Zhao and his fellow countrymen joined together again in an attempt to recover their losses. Unable to withstand them, Li eventually returned them two or three thousand yuan each. Before leaving Taiyuan, Lao Zhao and his fellow countrymen consulted and reported to the police. Originally, they only asked the police for help and asked for more money to come back. Unexpectedly, after the police knew the situation, they noticed that something was strange. They found out a fraudulent subsidiary company.

The Yingze Branch of the Public Security Bureau, disguised as a police force, came to Yingze Nanjie Shanxi Yinghe Century Human Resources Company to investigate. It was noted that migrant workers from Shandong, Henan, Sichuan and other places often came to ask for refunds, and all of them were refused to sign up through telephone calls from "embassy staff". One of them said that he had memorized the information thoroughly, and the "embassy staff" did not ask him, and finally added a "supplementary question": whether he would like to stay in Australia. He considered that since he went abroad to work, he should be willing to answer out of friendliness. He did not want to be identified as having immigration tendency and refused to sign up.

The police immediately found out that the company was set up by Xu, Li and Wang, three men of Heilongjiang nationality, and had no qualifications for overseas labor assignment. Three people posted recruitment information on the Internet for overseas labor services, attracting more than 50 migrant workers from all over the country to sign contracts and pay service fees, and then hired people to fake embassy staff to make telephone calls, to find reasons for refusing to sign, fraudulently amass millions of yuan. At present, three people in Xumou have been detained criminally, and other suspects have been chased online.

Xinxin correspondent Li Lingxiao

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