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March 7, 2019 Interview of Male Painting Workers for Saitama Machinery Assembly

Release Time:2019-01-30

Recruitment Profile

——Shandong Huaxia International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.

Qualification certificate numbeLT370020090049

location of an enterprise

Qiyu County/Qunma County


5 person

Contract period


Date of interview

7 March 2019

Date of entry

2019 09

Job content

Manufacture of Large Dry Cleaning Equipment

Paint 2 people, assemble 3 people

Project treatment

1. Wage income: 898 yuan/hour 8-hour working system, 1.25 times overtime.

2. Welfare treatment: the company provides dormitories, furniture and appliances, and personal rent.

3. Insurance: All kinds of social insurance are complete.

Others comply with the local labor benchmark law and are subject to employment contracts.

Recruitment criteria

Gender: Male           

Age: 20-30 years old

Technical Requirements: Experience is preferred

Visual acuity: corrected visual acuity over 1.0

Education Requirements: Junior High School or above

Health requirements: good-looking, healthy, waist and leg disease-free

Character Requirements: Honest and competent, hardworking, obedient to company arrangements, willing to learn Japanese.

Other requirements: no criminal record, no bad record of going to Japan, no history of refusing to sign.

Remarks: Qualified physical examination and deposit for interview

Interview process

Submit resume→Company initial examination→Japanese Enterprise Interview→Data preparation→Work in Japan


3 person

Parents 1 + 1 Public Office + 1 Enterprise


1. Provide materials: resume, ID card, photocopy of household registration, medical examination report, 12 3*4 inch white background color photographs

2 Company Name: Shandong Huaxia International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1 Huaxia Road, Huacui District, Weihai, Shandong Province (East Hall, 1st floor, Huaxia Group)

Contact information: 0631-5901699/5901799/5901899

Network Center:0631-5999309
Hotline Fax:0631-5901499
Wechat Public Number:HUAXIAGUOJI
Postal Code:264205
Add:3F Tongcheng Building, 83 Qingdao Middle Road, Weihai Economic District