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Beijing has investigated 13 cases of ivory smuggling

Release Time:2018-12-07

Beijing has investigated 13 cases of ivory smuggling. Most of them were migrant workers who went abroad to Africa. Beijing, May 28, 2007

Beijing Customs disclosed today that a man surnamed Li was seized by the Customs at the Capital Airport of the Customs Pass recently at the scene of the brigade inspection, carrying two Ivory tips into the country. It is reported that this is the 13th entry case of ivory smuggling broken by Beijing Customs this year.

It is understood that Li Moumou, the person involved, entered the Capital International Airport and chose the non-declaration passage to clear the customs. He did not declare any goods and articles to the customs. When the customs officers of the Customs Travel Inspection Office of the Capital Airport inspected it, they found that there were two Ivory tips in the checked baggage, weighing about 2.5 kg. The value of the ivory products mentioned above is RMB 100,000. Li Mou-mou has been suspected of smuggling precious animals and their products, and the Beijing Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau has filed a case for investigation.

According to reports, the 13 Ivory cases investigated by Beijing Customs are all Chinese nationals, and their identity is mainly traveling to Africa, business and migrant workers. Although African countries generally implement the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and completely prohibit international trade involving wild elephants in Africa, due to the relatively cheap local ivory in Africa, driven by huge interests, criminal suspects often take chances not to declare to customs, and smuggle ivory into the country by means of luggage cases, trapping and hiding. Environment.

Since this year, Beijing Customs has taken cracking down on the smuggling of endangered species as the "No. 1 Campaign", "National Sword 2018", "Hundred Days Campaign", "Nighthawk" and other special operations. Thirteen cases of smuggling of endangered species products have been filed and investigated. 277 products of endangered species, such as ivory, antelope horn, wolf teeth and leopard skin, have been collected, of which 158 are ivory products, weighing 17 kg, and many walkers have been killed. Private crime gangs.

At the end of 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Orderly Cessation of the Commercial Processing and Sale of Ivory and Ivory Products, requesting that the commercial processing and sale of Ivory and Ivory Products be completely stopped by December 31, 2017. While the government orderly stopped processing and selling ivory, the demand for black market ivory is still strong, which has pushed the price of ivory up again, while African ivory is relatively cheap, and high profits have prompted illegal elements to take risks.

In this regard, the Beijing Customs reminds non-travellers that ivory and its products belong to the protected species in Appendix I to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. According to the Convention and the Law on the Protection of Wild Fauna and Flora in China, except for the relevant import and export permits issued by the above-mentioned Convention organizations, the import and export of ivory and its products by any means of trade or by carrying or mailing are subject to the law. Prohibited. Ivory products can be bought and sold freely in foreign countries, but they can not be brought into China at will. Otherwise, they will bear the corresponding legal consequences.

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