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Black laborer, let me get whipped in Singapore

Release Time:2018-12-07

Years ago, I read in the newspaper that an American youth had been flogged for violating Singapore's laws. The then President of the United States personally pleaded for him, but Singapore did not agree. So the American youth had to be whipped and became a sensation.


Unexpectedly, a few years later, I also tasted a whipping in Singapore.

I have long heard that Singapore is an economically developed and beautiful country. With the idea of finding a job there to earn some money, I came to Singapore from Fujian. With the help of my relatives, I found a job of repairing water pipes, earning about 10,000 yuan a month. Because I have a tourist visa (working visa is also not allowed to stay overdue), I can only stay in Singapore for 14 days. But the money I earn from working is really a temptation for me, so I decided not to return after the deadline.

There are too many police in Singapore. Less than three months later, I was taken away by the police in a medical examination. In court, the judge sentenced me to four whips.

That day, I was taken to the waiting room. Before entering the door, he bumped into a man who had just finished his sentence and was dragged out by two big men. The man was unconscious and his buttocks were blurred. He was being taken to the next room for treatment. I was so nervous that I was about to cry and trembled into the waiting room. There are three more people in the waiting room, one of whom is Chinese and the other two are Indians.

The room was so quiet that nobody wanted to talk. After a while, a Chinese policeman came in and shouted something in English. One of the Indians followed. After a while, a crisp whip came from the next room, followed by a sad scream, which made people feel creepy. After the four whips, the Indian was already mourning.

A few minutes later, the policeman came again, this time calling me. He first called my name in English, and then he said it again in Chinese. My heart touched up.

I followed him into the torture room. It was a terrible room, and I still feel gloomy and terrible when I recall it. On the front glass wall of the room were dozens of whips, each more than 90 centimeters long, which looked like a cow's tail. You can also see through the glass that there are doctors observing the situation here. On the left are two rows of bars, with handcuffs and belts hanging from top to bottom. There are fixed handcuffs on the ground. The execution was carried out by two Malays, each with large arms and a round waist. They stared at me naked and horrible. At that time, I had a feeling of sheep entering the tiger's mouth, very sad and helpless.

Maybe it's all Chinese. The policeman looked at my pale face and comforted me by saying, "Don't be afraid, be strong, just stand up." Listening to him say so, I suddenly feel nothing terrible, anyway, vertical and horizontal will be subjected to, simply put down the heart. The two Malays came up and handcuffed me on the top bars, while the waist was fastened to the protruding bars with a belt, and both feet were handcuffed below. The whole man stood at a 90-degree angle. A Malay stood two or three meters behind me with a whip. With whips in both hands and feet jumping eastward and westward, he sounded "ah, ah" in his mouth as if he were boxing. Suddenly someone shouted "One". Just listen to the "click" sound, the whip hit my butt accurately, very strong. The pain made me scream. I never knew I would make such a terrible noise. I struggled as hard as I could, but my body was fixed, and I could not move any more except that my hands could grasp the bars desperately.

Next came the second whip. This time I was beaten so hard that I couldn't stand it any longer. As I gasped, I blurted out and shouted, "Don't hit, lighten up..." When the third whip fell on my ass, an indescribable pain made me cry, and the whole person was like dead, with tears on his face.

I closed my eyes and exerted all my strength to bear the fourth whip, but the deep pain still made me feel empty, my legs trembled and my consciousness began to blur. After the four whips, two Malays untied me. I refused the help of the police, tried to stand firm, then bowed and dragged my flesh-and-blood body out of the prison room slowly.

A dozen days later, I was sent home. When the plane took off, when I looked down at this small, tree-lined Southeast Asian country again, my heart was filled with emotion. I think I will never forget Singapore in my life, because it gives me a taste of heavenly prosperity and prosperity, but also makes me experience hell-like pain and sorrow.

Finally, I would like to remind those compatriots who want to work abroad not to break the law in order to make money, otherwise it will bring you more than pain.

Shandong Huaxia International reminds us that Singapore is the country with the greatest efforts to punish black laborers. Although other countries will not be punished by hungry whipping, the consequences are quite serious. I hope you will abide by the law and discipline when you go abroad.

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