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Shandong Huaxia International Introduces the Specific Process of Visa for You

Release Time:2018-12-07

What are the specific procedures of the current overseas labor visa? Shandong Huaxia Overseas Labor Service Intermediary Company will give you a detailed explanation. Today, we will take you to know about the regular professional intermediaries dealing with overseas labor services and studying abroad. We will introduce the specific process of visa for you.

If we want to go abroad for labor service, then applying for a labor visa is a necessary process. If you can prepare the materials before applying, it will be much easier to go through the process.

Step 1: We must first obtain information about labor services. Only when we know the specific labor information can we start to go abroad for work. Attention should be paid to the following points in obtaining information on labor services abroad.

1. Go to the labor agency for consultation and fill in your personal information and resume.

2. It is necessary to know which country to go to and which region to go to.

3. How much is the total cost of working abroad and how should it be paid?

4. What is the specific work to be done in that country and how long is the contract signed?

5. What are the specific salaries, such as food, shelter, overtime, etc.

6. How long does a migrant worker work every day and how does he take his vacation?

7. Are there any insurance and what kind of insurance are there?

8. Finally and most importantly, we must see which kind of visa is and the validity of the visa.

Step 2: Handle your passport. This step must be indispensable, just as in China, the passport is the Chinese people's identity card abroad. General passport processing is in the interview qualified, after the determination of foreign workers. Specific processing procedures and required materials.

Step 3: Before going abroad to work, we should fully communicate with our family, arrange things well, carry out a simple physical examination, and plan to collect funds for working abroad.

Step 4: Although the current procedures for going abroad are all done by labor intermediaries, we still have to prepare the materials we need, such as the original resume, physical examination, passport and so on. In addition to what must be prepared, according to the requirements of different countries, some also have to prepare no criminal certificate, and sign one or more contracts.

After completing the above process, we can only wait. According to the different countries, the processing time is different. Fast days, slow months, we must wait patiently.

Finally, I would like to remind you that for overseas labor service, please identify a formal foreign labor agency with the qualification of the Ministry of Commerce! __________

Shandong Huaxia International, as a regular professional labor agency, devotes itself to the formal and legal labor services and study abroad projects in Japan, Singapore, Korea and other countries, so that you can work abroad and study abroad without worries; the best overseas consulting service team is diligent and responsible; the best overseas service projects are derived from the hard work of each of our staff members. Sweat;

The most stringent workflow, through layers of checks to strictly control the standardization of the project, while strictly guarding the secrets of customers; the most responsible team backing, from consultation to departure, are derived from strong backing; only to be the best industry leader.

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