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What are the government's suggestions on going out to Japan for labor service

Release Time:2018-12-07

1. Develop all-round channels of labor export and expand the scale of labor export. (1) To fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of officials, citizens and the private sector, and to give full play to the advantages of flexible and diversified non-governmental channels on the basis of the state-authorized labor export agencies. (2) Send trainees through joint ventures with Japan and South Korea to circumvent the policy barriers that restrict labor imports between the two countries. (3) Opening up channels of labor cooperation with third countries in Japan and Korea. At present, there are a lot of cooperation and contracting projects between large enterprises and comprehensive business associations in Japan and South Korea in the third country. We should establish stable cooperative relations with them so as to facilitate our participation in labor cooperation of overseas construction projects.

2. Enriching labor information and establishing and improving domestic and foreign labor information network. (1) We should use modern means to establish a unified and efficient international and domestic labor information network as soon as possible, and do a good job in collecting, screening, sorting out, transmitting, releasing and feedback of information in a timely manner. (2) The government should strengthen the prediction and monitoring of information, ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of information, in order to eliminate the phenomenon of information asymmetry. (3) Establish a talent pool of reserve personnel for domestic labor export, which should be unified by the state when necessary.

3. Improve the quality of service personnel and improve the export structure of service. China's export of labor services far exceeds that of some developed countries, but the amount of foreign exchange earned is very low, mainly because China's intellectual labor exports are too small, and its foreign exchange earnings account for only 5% of the total contract value of labor services. Therefore, while consolidating the general labor export of our country's superior projects, we should strengthen our efforts to guide our labor export to a higher level.

4. In the international labor market, we should give full play to the joint complementary advantages of China, Japan and South Korea to improve our international competitiveness. At present, the labor cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea is still on the basis of bilateral cooperation. We should start from bilateral cooperation and gradually transit to trilateral cooperation. We should give full play to the complementary advantages of strong-strong and strong-weak alliances and realize the optimal allocation of resources. The Far East and Siberia are vast in territory and rich in energy and forest resources. In the process of development, they are facing serious difficulties of insufficient labor force and lack of funds and technology. If the advantages of China, Japan and South Korea are combined, a strong force will be formed in the international labor market, and the comprehensive development of the Far East and Siberia will no longer be an unreachable idea.

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