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New immigration agreement in Australia

Release Time:2019-04-02

Australia's Federal Government recently announced a new regional migration agreement (DAMA) to attract immigrants from all over the country to develop in remote areas such as the Northern Territory in order to disperse the overcrowded immigrant population outside major Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, according to Australian Network. It is reported that the visa for skilled migrants in the Northern Territory will be extended in order to attract skilled workers from overseas to work in technology shortages.

The Federal Government announced that the new DAMA plan will be implemented in the Northern Territory.

According to reports, the federal government announced the second DAMA plan. In the next five years, 117 jobs will be open to skilled immigrants willing to immigrate to the Northern Territory. Low-skilled immigrants with limited English proficiency will be able to apply for permanent residence after three years in the Northern Territory.

It is reported that open occupations include accountants, accountants, clerks, pilots, elderly or disabled caregivers, agricultural and horticultural operators, air-conditioning refrigeration technicians, aircraft maintenance engineers (machinery), aquaculture farmers, tree artists, automotive electricians, bar attendants, coffee makers, beauty therapists, bus drivers, butchers, small businesses. Commodity Manufacturer, Furniture Worker, Cafe Manager, Restaurant Manager, Baker, Chef, CEO or Managing Director, Child Care Manager, Child Health Worker, Civil Engineering Technician, Community Worker, Conference and Activity Organizer, Dental Assistant, etc.

New DAMA Solves More Labor Shortages

In response, David Coleman, Australia's immigration minister, said that the Northern Territory would see the benefits of the DAMA program in coping with its labor shortage.

Nigel Scullion, the North Territory Senate, also said that the North Territory urgently needed more workers from all walks of life, and the DAMA program would help businesses where it was difficult to find the right skilled workers.

DAMA has successfully promoted employment development

Meanwhile, Selena Uibo, director of the Northern Territory Employment Training Department, said that the first DAMA program had successfully helped many Northern Territory businesses fill vacancies that local workers could not fill, such as childcare, tourism and hotels. "For many employers, acquiring and retaining a workforce with appropriate skills is a key issue, and our government recognizes the need to support local enterprises in recruiting workers," she said.

She added that the second DAMA plan would complement the population strategy recently announced by the Northern Territory Government, which is a comprehensive plan to promote population development in the Northern Territory. More skilled migrants mean more jobs, a stronger economy and more revenue from consumer taxes, which means better schools, better hospitals and more police.

It is reported that the first landmark DAMA program between the federal government and the Northern Territory government is to provide employers with a wider range of DAMAs than those offered through the Standard Skilled Migration Scheme in designated areas.

Historically, migration of overseas immigrants to the Northern Territory has been a key factor in local economic growth, population growth and social diversification.

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