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International Engineering

The company has a high-quality engineering construction and management team, with the first-level qualification of general contracting. Over 300 foreign projects have been contracted, with a total turnover of more than US$2 billion. The types of projects include airports, hospitals, social housing, office buildings, stadiums, urban water supply, roads, industrial buildings, hydropower stations and other civil buildings and public infrastructure.

The company is also a foreign aid package project implementation enterprise designated by the Ministry of Commerce. Over the past two decades, sixteen foreign aid projects, including Seychelles Comprehensive Technology School, Congo Mazamba Daiba Stadium, have been awarded to Seychelles, Republic of Congo, Suriname, Sierra Leone, Comoros, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Togo and Madagascar, with a total contract of more than 300 million yuan, all of which have been completed. All projects are rated as excellent projects by the Ministry of Commerce.

The company has formed strategic partnerships with China Railway Construction, China Chemical Construction, China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group, Shandong Electric Power Construction, Zhejiang Southeast Grid Corporation, China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company, Shandong Architectural University, Beijing Architectural Design Research Institute and other well-known domestic companies and universities, and has carried out long-term cooperation in engineering construction, design consultation and other aspects.


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