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HuaXia Introduction

Shandong Huaxia International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a comprehensive enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce with qualifications of foreign labor assignment and engineering contracting. It aims to provide professional and technical personnel for more than ten countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia. The main types of work involved are aquatic food, electronics, sewing, textile, agriculture, machinery, welding, spray painting, construction, dry cleaning, waiters, salesmen and ordinary workers.   

Perfect management methods and high-quality personnel sent abroad have earned Huaxia International a good reputation of "being honest and responsible" at home and abroad. Huaxia International has won the honorary titles of "Honesty and Credit Overseas Employment Intermediary Agency" and "Advanced Enterprises in Foreign Trade and Economics" of Weihai City, and the "3A Certificate" issued by Shandong Employment Promotion Association.  

The company will continue to adhere to the attitude of "honesty, rigorousness, pragmatism and efficiency" and cooperate with customers at home and abroad to jointly expand international labor services and help those who wish to go abroad to realize their dreams at an early date.


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